Types of Alcohol Treatment Centers

It is difficult to know how much alcohol is consumed in the world since not all is recorded, alcohol is reasonably easy to produce just about anywhere and people have been making it for thousands of years. According to the CDC approximately 88,000 people die per year in the United States from alcohol related accidents and illnesses. In one study in the USA it was estimated that on any given day approximately 700,000 Americans will receive some form of alcohol treatment or counseling in some for of an alcohol treatment center.

What we can be sure of is that consumption of alcohol internationally is increasing in a WHO study it has linked more then 3,300,000 deaths in 2012 alone to the use or abuse of alcohol. Belarus takes first place for the most alcohol consumed per capita in the world with an incredible 17.5 liters of pure alcohol per person per year, if you consider an average bottle of wine is 0.1 liters of pure alcohol the people in Belarus drink the equivalent of  175 bottles of wine a year. About 3 a week? Doesn't sound like to much right? Well lots of people there don't drink and someone needs to make up for them to reach levels that high. Compared to America at only 9.2 liters of pure alcohol they drink almost double.

What do Alcohol Treatment Centers Do?

Alcohol treatment centers provide the help people need when their drinking starts getting out of hand and the person makes the decision to do something about their drinking. All alcohol treatment center however are not the same and there is a huge difference. Alcohol treatment centers are dedicated to helping people end their addiction to alcohol or in some case to attempt to help people control their drinking in a socially acceptable and healthy way. Most alcohol treatment centers are abstinence based, this means teaching people to not drink alcohol at all, generally for the rest of their lives. The philosophy is that alcoholism is a disease without a cure but can be managed, also that once someone is an alcoholic they are an alcoholic for life and need to completely abstain from alcohol.

Types of Alcohol Treatment 

There are two primary types of treatments that are provided by  the majority of treatment centers:

Inpatient Treatment – Inpatient treatment centers have a facility where people who have been struggling with excessive alcohol consumption and having difficulty stopping or moderating their drinking go for an intensive treatment program, usually a minimum of one month and in some cases we have heard of people being in an inpatient alcohol treatment program for years. Inpatient treatment programs are generally for people with moderate to sever alcohol addiction programs and provide a safe place, often with medical over site where people can live while working on and learning the skills to return to society and hopefully remain alcohol free.

There are many different levels of inpatient alcohol treatment from government or church operated programs that can be quite sparse and require the patients to do much of the daily work and chores around the facility, such as cooking, housekeep and laundry. At the other end of the scale are high end luxury treatment programs that on the outside look more like an all-inclusive resort where clients stay in beautiful locations around the world with house keepers, chefs and even butlers at some centers. Regardless of the services offered to make a center comfortable however most of the programs are operated in a similar manner for the important aspects of the program. Group and 1 to 1 counseling are their primary tools for helping someone overcome their addiction to alcohol. With some 14,500 addiction treatment programs in America alone you should be able to find something to suit your needs.

Outpatient Treatment – The other main option when someone is not willing to go for an inpatient treatment program are the out-patient programs. Again these can take many different forms and attending alcoholics anonymous is considered a form of addiction treatment.

As well as the AA groups there is Smart Recovery groups offered in many cities. SR is an alternative to the AA style of group meetings taking a different philosophy on what is addiction and how it is treated. There are also center that offer a more evidence base and medical approach for out-patient addiction treatment with counselors and psychologists working with you around your issues with alcohol. These can often be very similar to the inpatient programs however you go home at the end of the night. The benefits of an outpatient program is that they are often less expensive and do not interfere with your life to the same extent as going away to an inpatient program. The disadvantages of an outpatient alcohol treatment center is that you will be subjected to the same triggers on a daily bases that have lead you to a bad relationship with alcohol in early recovery.