Shabu Rehab Philippines

Shabu or Methamphetamine in the Philippines is a huge problem and one of the most abused drugs in the Philippines. Shabu rehab Philippines however can be very effective at breaking the addiction to Shabu.

According the the World Drug Report in 2009 by the United Nations, Shabu is the most abused drug in the Philippines with an estimated 7 seven million users in the Philippines according to an older news report, that is about 7% of the entire population of the Philippines using Shabu.

shabu rehab philippinesOther names for Shabu are Crystal Meth, Ice, Speed, Crank and hundreds of others depending on where you are located.

Shabu rehab Philippines can help when a person is hooked on the drug. Common ways of using Shabu include smoking, snorting and injecting.

Shabu can be produced locally in hidden labs around the country, as made famous in the American Tv series Breaking Bad, as well as it is smuggled into the country from other Asian countries. Wherever it comes from Shabu is an extremely dangerous and highly addictive drug. If you or your loved one are using Shabu you should definitely be talking to the experts at shabu rehab Philippines and looking for solutions to breaking the addiction.

So of the effects of Shabu use include:

Shabu Damage as listed on Drug-Free World:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature
  • Dilation of pupils
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Nausea
  • Bizarre, erratic, sometimes violent behavior
  • Hallucinations, hyperexcitability, irritability
  • Panic and psychosis
  • Convulsions, seizures and death from high doses
  • Permanent damage to blood vessels of heart and brain, high blood pressure leading to heart attacks, strokes and death
  • Liver, kidney and lung damage
  • Destruction of tissues in nose if sniffed
  • Respiratory (breathing) problems if smoked
  • Infectious diseases and abscesses if injected
  • Malnutrition, weight loss
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Disorientation, apathy, confused exhaustion
  • Strong psychological dependence
  • Psychosis
  • Depression
  • Damage to the brain similar to Alzheimer’s disease,3 stroke and epilepsy

If you or your loved on is using Shabu, you need the help of Shabu rehab Philippines now. This is probably one of the most dangerous drugs the world has seen and it is spreading extremely rapidly due to ease of manufacture. Governments around the world are struggling with trying to control Shabu use and manufacture and frankly they are loosing. Every years there is more Shabu on the streets and more problems related to it's use.

Shabu Rehab Philippines can help you break the cycle of addiction and get back to a normal fulfilling life without the need of substances like Shabu. If you are addicted to Shabu in the Philippines, or anywhere else in the world for that matter why not get in contast with us at Shabu Rehab Philippines, we can help you get your life back on track.

There is overwhelming evidence that a period of time in a Shabu rehab Philippines followed by long term aftercare is a persons best and most effective route to getting clean for the long term. Shabu is an extremely damaging drug to the body and health of the user, some of the cognitive damage as well as the physical damage my be permanent with long term use of Shabu it is imperative that you get help now.

If you are looking for a Shabu rehab Philippines we can help, go to the contact page and get in touch with us we will have the Shabu rehab Philippines contact you directly.