Philippines Drug Rehab

Are you thinking of booking into a Philippines Drug Rehab and having a hard time getting information on which is the best for you? Well thats what we are here for at Rehab Philippines.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the services that are available for Philippines drug rehab. Be it a full time residential center outside of Manila or an out patient center in Makati City we can help. We are also very familiar with the top therapist working in the Philippines Drug Rehab industry, or do you need a referral overseas? We can help you pick the best center for Philippines Drug Rehab in your country or abroad.

At present there are two residential Philippines drug rehabs that we refer to, that number may grow as we visit more centers. We have already visited a number of centers however there are only two at present that we are willing to recommend to clients in the Philippines. As mentioned above there is also a number of others that we can recommend outside of the Philippines, be it Thailand, Mauritius, Australia, Canada, UK or USA.

philippines drug rehabThe reason we only refer to the two Philippines drug rehab centers at present is we have very strict requirements on a center prior to putting it on our referral list. We are not willing to refer people to a Philippines drug rehab that is a lock down facility and they must have properly qualified and educated counselors who are always working towards improving their skills and learning new approaches and techniques to assist people struggling with drug addiction.

At present the Philippines drug rehab centers that we refer clients are in Baguio City and Bacolod City. For full disclosure we have visited the Philippines drug rehab in Baguio City but not the center in Bacolod City. We are hoping to get there in the next couple of months as time allows. That said we are still willing to refer clients there due to our relationship with the director who I have personally known for 6 or more years and worked with a considerable amount. I know him to have top of the line ethics and integrity and even though I have not personally stepped foot in the center yet I know it will be done right if he is involved.

There is also an intensive out patient Philippines drug rehab in Makati city that might be a good option for you, if that is of interest let me know and I will put you in contact with the center directly.

There is huge drug problem in the Philippines and a huge need for quality Philippines drug rehab centers. Overwhelming evidence has shown that a period of time in a residential Philippines drug rehab followed by long term aftercare give a person their best chance of lasting recovery.

As mentioned above at present there is only the two Philippines drug rehab centers that I am willing to refer to and I will not refer to a lock down facility. Why? I do not believe it is effect for the client, the only reason for a lock down facility, in my opinion, is when a person is a potential harm to themselves. Then they are probably better in off a Psychiatric ward, not a Philippines drug rehab center. Also if you are thinking of sending your loved one to a Philippines drug rehab that is a lock down center, think about the other people he or she is going to be with, people that have been mandated by the courts to stay there or others that had no interest in changing their lives and behavior. The people will put in there time and go back to the life they knew before since they had no interest in changing in the first place. Is that the people you want to introduce your loved one to who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction?

If you operate a Philippines drug rehab center and would like us to visit and possibly refer clients to your center you can invite us via the contact page. We are always happy to learn about new Philippines drug rehab facilities where people can get the help they need.

Philippines Drug Rehab Centers

I know in the Philippines that the family can forcibly have someone virtually kidnapped and committed to a psychiatric ward. I can see where a family at the end of their rope that isterribly worried about there child or spouse would see this as a viable option. If you are going to to that, I obviously can not stop you, however I would plan to have them sent overseas for treatment after they have been stabilized in the psychiatric ward. The reason for this is to remove them from the present situation completely and not introduce them to a group of people who can make the situation worse. They would be much better off sent to a facility where everyone else is a volunteer and trying to change their life and learning from them, rather then being in a Philippines drug rehab lockdown center where everyone they meet is only there because they were forced and only wants out of the virtual prison they have been placed in.

I understand parents want their child to get better and think that a heavy hand and being strict is the way to do it, unfortunately in this case it rarely works. Treatment should be about showing the person suffering with drug and alcohol addiction a better way of life and a happier way, treatment should not be punishment. The end goal is that your loved one gets on with their lives clean and sober for the long term. Focus on the goal not the process. That is my reasoning for not referring to Philippines drug rehab centers that are a lockdown facility.

If you are looking for a Philippines Drug Rehab run by educated professionals with many years experience in the industry get in touch and I will have them contact you directly.