Drug Rehabilitation Center Philippines

Are you looking for a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center in the Philippines for yourself or a loved one? There are a number and you will find a huge list of government run centers on this site. However most of them are lock down facilitates and not much more then a prison. There are a couple that are run to a much higher standard and hopefully in the near future there will be a decent western style center set up in the Philippines.

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Philippines

The Philippines Eagle is also called the Monkey Eating Eagle. I love that name for these purposes.

The Philippines Eagle is also called the Monkey Eating Eagle. I love that name for these purposes.

As I said above there are a couple decent drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the Philippines that I suggest for people on a tight budget. I generally prefer to talk to a person however prior to making recommendations, the reason is different centers suit different peoples needs. Over the years running drug rehabilitation centers in Asia I have gotten to know many of the professionals and visited a number of the centers. Recently I have been doing a considerable amount of work referring people to the drug rehabilitation center Philippines that is best suited to their needs.

I do this service for both locals and westerners alike and am happy to provide any information that I have and can generally have the centers call or contact you directly if that is your preference.

Prior to going to a Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Philippines

Prior to being admitted to a rehabilitation center Philippines, you are going to need to be clean, this might require a hospitalized detox. Recently we have done this and honestly, if your traveling to the Philippines for treatment, do it at home first as I have heard the hospital taking as long as 3 weeks for an opiate detox, *that seems extremely long to me. Also whenever possible at the centers I have works with directly we did the detox at the center, time is precious and we didn't like to waste any. Our belief was that even if your mind was only 50% in the program while you were detoxing that is better then 0% laying in a hospital bed. Also keeping someone busy and not sitting around in hospital can make a detox go allot easier as well.

The Rehabilitation Centers in The Philippines are more family focused then you would see in the west, where by the family can be heavily involved in the process of detox with their loved one. In the West it is more of a private affair and the family is generally only told what they need to know. I am not sure which one is better, I come from a background of all information going to the family generally goes through the client first. So I find it a little strange, that said it seems to work. I would insist that the client gives informed consent however and signs the forms allowing the information to be handed over.  So if the client doesn't want the information shared with their family it shouldn't happen and shouldn't be an issue, just make sure you read what you are signing.

How Long Does a drug or alcohol Rehabilitation Center Philippines Program Last?

When going to a rehabilitation center Philippines the programs are generally longer then in the West, one of the main centers I refer people to is a minimum of 45 days. The programs can be considerably longer in the 90 to 180 day range and often times even longer then that. They will require a 45 day minimum commitment however so you will probably not be admitted if you are not willing to go for at least 6 weeks.

If you are looking for a rehabilitation center Philippines program call or email me and I would be happy to help you pick the best program for your needs.

*Disclaimer on detox, I am not a doctor, listen to whatever your doctor tells you over what you read here.