Drug Addiction in the Philippines

As with most place in the world drug addiction in the Philippines has reached epidemic proportions. According to the Office of the President there are 1,700,000 drug users in the Philippines. My belief is that is an extremely conservative estimate.

The primary drug of choice in the Philippines is Shabu or Methamphetamine, since it is cheap and readily available. Since 2010 more then a hundred drug labs, primarily producing Shabu, have been raided and dismantles around the country. We are sure there are a considerable number more that have not been identified or targeted for a raid at this point.

Drug Addiction in the Philippines

Drug Addiction in the PhilippinesOther prevalent drugs abused in the Philippines are Cannabis and MDMA (Ecstasy). There are a number of government run drug addiction treatment centers in the Philippines as well as a few private centers.

For people, especially teens and young adults in the early stages of drug addiction in the Philippines the lock down centers that are basically a prison are not terribly effective and in some cases have the reverse of the hoped for effect.

Some are run by well meaning people, however many are basically a prison and the majority of the people there are court ordered to go to treatment. These are often times people with little or no motivation to change. Basically if you are not careful about which treatment center you send your loved one to a prison lock up facility can basically make things a considerable amount worse in the long run. The people they are going to meet and become friends with are unlikely to be good role models and can lead them much deeper into the criminal aspects of drug addiction in the Philippines.

Treating Drug Addiction in the Philippines

There are a few drug and alcohol rehab centers in the Philippines that are run to a higher standard using a modern, evidence based approach to drug addiction in the Philippines treatment. I have referred westerners and locals to these center and where they are private pay they are reasonably priced by international standards and the places I send Westerners who do not have the budget for a centers in Mauritius or Thailand.

If you are in need of a voluntary center and your or your loved one has a willingness to change, get in touch with me and I can recommend the best center for their specific needs.

Private Drug Addiction in the Philippines Treatment

The centers in the Philippines that I refer to are private centers with qualified local staff who also have international experience. One major advantage in the Philippines is that many of the counselors and therapists have worked or studied overseas and are well trained to international standards. When I ran a rehab in Thailand I regularly recruited staff from the Philippines to work with my Wester client base. What I am saying is that basically the facilities for treating drug addiction in the Philippines are not the luxury facilities you find around the world. The more important aspect however is that many of the therapists are the same therapists, the staff are the same staff that I would be hiring at Western facilities to treat rehab tourists that come from all over the world for addiction treatment in Asia.

So if you are looking for treatment for drug addiction in the Philippines and don't need daily massages and luxury accommodations, the Philippines are a good option. You will need to share a room with one or two other people, however the important aspect of treatment is the counselors and the program and some are very good.

Get in contact with me via email or call, I can put you directly in touch with the directors of the centers.