Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in the Philippines

Are you looking for help finding an alcohol or drug rehab Philippines for addiction? We can help, we have been in the industry for years and know all the best people at the drug rehab Philippines centers.

We only deal with voluntary or family admitted clients, we do not refer to lock down facilities as we generally do not believe they are effective or ethical. When you are ready to clean up we can help.

There are a number of alcohol and drug rehab Philippines centers, however most are hard to find. Also information on the individual centers can be difficult or near impossible, especially if you are overseas and considering a alcohol or drug rehab Philippines center for treatment for yourself or a family member.

What is the benefits of going to an alcohol or drug rehab Philippines center? Well by international standards they are considerably less expensive then almost anywhere else in the world where you can get treatment in English. That said they are also a considerable amount more sparse and the accommodation is on par with a lower end government facility in the West.

When your main priority is getting clean and not luxury, then this is a viable option for you to choose.

If you are looking for a more luxurious center with western therapists we can also recommend centers in Thailand or Mauritius that can fill that need.

Drug Rehab Philippines Centers

Here at Drug Rehab Philippines we are constantly researching and speaking with experts in the field, we make a point of knowing the centers that are doing good work and the therapists that are continually upgrading their skills. We have visited several of the centers and worked with many of the therapists from the alcohol and drug rehab Philippines centers.

Inpatient Drug and alcohol rehab is an essential part of a persons long term recovery, there is overwhelming evidence that a stint in an inpatient rehab followed by long term aftercare gives an individual their best chance of staying clean and sober for the long term.

The alcohol and drug rehab Philippines centers have many years experience treating addicts and many of the therapists have been trained at some of the best centers in the world and are fully up to date on evidence based treatment models that are used internationally to successfully help people stay clean and sober during after treatment.

When it comes time to clean up there is a gentler and better way then being incarcerated or locked up in a psychiatric ward and the professionals at the alcohol and drug rehab philippines centers can help show you that way. If you bring the willingness to change they will do everything they can to show you what has worked for thousands of people before you.

In the Philippines there are about 98 million people and it is believed there are over 7 million people actively abusing drugs or alcohol. This is almost double the percentage of many countries around the world. There is a huge need for quality alcohol and drug rehab Philippines centers. The most abused drugs in the Philippines in no particular order are believed to be:

With the level of drug abuse in the Philippines there should be a considerable amount more help then there is, unfortunately what help is available is not enough and inadequate for the numbers of people abusing drugs or alcohol in the Philippines.

Also finding readily available information on alcohol and drug rehab philippines centers and addiction treatment is not all that easy to come by and the authorities tend to prefer the judicial system for dealing with drug addiction over treatment facilities. That said there are a considerable number of drug abusers that are court mandated to attend treatment centers.

Of the people suffering with drug or alcohol addiction that are on the higher end of the economic scale they have traditionally had to go overseas for modern based treatment centers. Previously this included the USA, Europe or South Africa. For the last decade a large percentage of this segment of society has been going to Thailand where there are several Western Operated treatment centers with resort like facilities and top of the line trained staff. If that is what you are looking for I can help there as well.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in the Philippines

I know there have been several of the large treatment providers looking at the Philippines as a new location for luxury centers and hopefully in the near future there will be a few centers there set up to at least the level of the centers in Thailand, I personally believe the market is there and they could do quite well by looking at the number of people from the Philippines that come to Thailand for treatment.

The spin off from a couple luxury rehabs being set up in the Philippines is they bring in modern treatment modalities and western trained therapists then hire local therapist who receive invaluable training which can then be used for the local population.

If you operate a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the Philippines please get ahold of me, I would love to hear from you and learn what you have to offer for people that are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and looking for treatment locally. Our vision for this site is for it to become an easy one stop information source on alcohol and drug rehab Philippines centers and where to look for help when they are in need. Also we deal with a considerable number of potential international clients and are always looking for facilities that can offer the treatment that suits each clients needs and price point is always a top concern for most people.

If you are looking for the best alcohol and drug rehab Philippines centers, being a local or foreigner thinking of traveling to the Philippines for addiction treatment we can help put you in contact with the people that can help you. Or as mentioned above or offer an alternative in Thailand, Mauritius, Australia or a few other place that might suit your needs.