Update Sept. 27, 2016 **IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately there are no private inpatient drug & alcohol treatment centers in the Philippines that we are now willing to recommend. In our opinion with the present government we recommend that clients go to Thailand for your own safety.  Serenity Rehab is an affordable program in Thailand offered in English with some Filipino staff.  The program is world class and less money then many of the programs that were running in the Philippines were trying to charge. There is no reporting to your government.

You can Check out Serenity Rehab Thailand by clicking here.

Or call us on any of the numbers below.

Chiang Rai, Thailand +66 86 881 0908

Sydney, Australia +61 02 8091 3018

Netherlands (Toll Free) 0 800 022 5156

London, UK +44 20 7097 8764

Los Angeles, USA +1 424 253 0709


If you would like to get in contact with me for advice and information on drug and alcohol rehabs in the Philippines you can use the following contact form for our email.

If you operate a center and would like us to review or visit we would be very happy to do that as well.

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