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Update Sept. 27, 2016 **IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately there are no private inpatient drug & alcohol treatment centers in the Philippines that we are now willing to recommend. In our opinion with the present government we recommend that clients go to Thailand for your own safety.  Serenity Rehab is an affordable program in Thailand offered in English with some Filipino staff.  The program is world class and less money then many of the programs that were running in the Philippines were trying to charge. There is no reporting to your government.

You can Check out Serenity Rehab Thailand by clicking here. 

Over the years I have been approached to set up and run rehabs in the Philippines a couple of times, however at the time I had just left a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Thailand that I had help build and market for about 6 years and I was completely burnt out. I needed a few years off prior to getting back into the industry. The strain of always worrying about other peoples issues and problems had taken a toll on my health, physically and mentally and my family. I was looking after everyone else without taking care of myself.

Recently I started a similar website to this for the centers in Thailand and I was asked to do something similar for rehabs in the Philippines as well. So I will be working on this site and getting as much information up as I can for the people that need it.

As I stated on the first page I would like to see this site grow into a community and a one stop  service for people seeking help with drug and alcohol rehab in the Philippines. I want to make the information on the different rehabs easy to find and easy to compare. As time allows I will make a point of visiting the drug and alcohol rehab centers in the Philippines and doing reviews on them that will be published here.

My belief on drug and alcohol rehab in the Philippines, and everywhere else for that matter, is that one one program is better then the next generally but one program will be better for you. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation program should suit your needs and core beliefs to be most effective in giving you what you are looking for, lasting recovery.

I have written a considerable amount about drug and alcohol rehabilitation in the Philippines as well as the rest of the world and been invited to a considerable number of centers over the years, as well as I ran a 40 bed luxury rehab in Thailand for a while.

When running the center in Thailand I recruited a number of therapists from the rehabs in the Philippines and found I was very impressed with their depth of knowledge and skills. Their training was excellent and they worked very well with our international client base. Many came from a personal addiction background. One issue I did have is they were all 12 step based, where I have a considerable amount of respect for the 12 step program and regularly recommend it, I do not believe it is the best addiction treatment model for everyone and does not suit everyones specific needs or core belief system.

My dream in the future would be to see many different rehab in the Philippines offering a few different evidence based programs that can cater to the specific needs of each individual. To date I only know of one truly individual program in the world where there are no groups, you are in a luxury villa in Australia, with chef, personal trainers and whatever treatment or therapy you need is brought to you. That is a truly tailor made program, however as you would expect, due to the cost associated with that level of treatment it is really only for the rich since it can easily run well over 100,000 US Dollars for a one month program. If you are in that category and would like information on getting into the program let me know and I can have them get in touch with you directly.

rehab philippinesYou will also find I love cartoons and I believe there is nothing wrong with adding a little humor to what can be a very dismal topic so you will see a number of these on the site. If we can still laugh at ourselves things can get better.

If you are looking to change and want help get in touch with me on the contact page, I will do whatever I can to put you in contact with the people who can help you.

My mentor use to always say: Do what you have always done and you will get what you have always gotten. When you are looking to change your drinking or drug behavior it is probably time to try something different.